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“Momma Goddess” with Tomiko Fraser Hines – Baby Please!

What I’m about to share may shock some of you. I have thought long and hard about this. I have weighed the pros and cons. I have taken into consideration what this will mean for not only my life, but for the rest of my immediate family’s life as well. I consulted with both laymen and experts. Trust me, I have done my due diligence. Ok, are you ready?

I want to have another baby.

Yes, that’s right. I want to do it again. Our sons will be 14-months-old this month and I’ve been feeling the pregnancy itch something fierce over these past few months. I will admit that some of this has to do with my babies no longer being “babies” anymore. They are growing so quickly and I don’t even recognize the little cherubs I see in their infant photos any longer. Seriously, were they really that small?? And the fact that a few of my close friends are pregnant isn’t helping either. I feel pangs of longing whenever I’m around them. Plus, because my infertility led us to the path of egg donation to conceive our sons, there is a greater chance that we can have a girl this time around. A sweet little Goddess to add to our testosterone-heavy brood.

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