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13 Haute Kitten Heels To Kill It This Spring, Comfortably

Kitten heels are like the training wheels for sky-high heels. We love everything large—our coffees, our paychecks, and some other things too. So the stigma follows that once you age out of the low shoes, you’ve gotta go big or go home with them in your hands, because you just can’t go back to kitten heels. The only exceptions are traditionally flat styles like brogues or ballet flats. Other than that, you won’t catch a woman slipping her feet into the teeny-tiny heels because they look “ederly” (Queen Elizabeth wears kitten heels notes our Associate Editor Giselle) and they look like you “don’t want to really wear heels,” says our News Writer Danielle. Common concerns, since a woman’s heel height is usually thought to reflect the authority she can command and power she evokes. It’s a “speak softly and [wear a big heel]” sort of ideology.

But there are others of us that feel differently. The key is to pick your kitten heel in a color that pops. And keep it a kitten heel not a fetus heel—kitten heels are allowed to have some height. And finally, opt for open styles like slingbacks that will help balance out your heel to shoe ratio and not make the low heel look too drastic. But don’t take my word for it.

Check out 13 kitten heels that are actually really, very haute!

Stella McCartney

Kapoor Sandals

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