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Spring Cleaning: 5 Products To Toss From Your Beauty Bag

So not only will we thankfully soon be able to store away our winter wardrobes and start breaking out our spring gear, but this is also a perfect time to do a little spring cleaning when it comes to our makeup bags. There are some of us who continue to buy new products without really purging the older ones. There are also some of us who are holding onto products that are way passed their prime. And if you are holding onto a possibly past-date makeup products, there’s a chance something in there can actually harm you. So for your beauty sake, we’ve put together a list of beauty items that may be lurking in your stash that you should toss.

1. Mascara

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If it’s more than three months old, toss it. Mascara tubes can be a breeding ground for bacteria so you want to be careful about not using a tube passed its prime and risk an eye infection. Besides, a good mascara will only run you approximately $5-9, and it also gives you an excuse to try a new one each time.

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