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You Mad? Woman Sets Man’s Car On Fire During Argument Over Ice Cream In McDonald’s Parking Lot

Today in “Florida crazies” news….

Woman Sets Man’s Car On Fire During Argument Over Ice Cream

Hell hath no fury……like a Florida woman with a can of gasoline.

via AOL News

A woman set a car on fire after an argument over ice cream early Sunday morning in a McDonald’s parking lot in Jacksonville, Fla.

Sabryna Maré was in line at the fast food establishment when she overheard a man and a woman arguing.

“She was saying she wanted this and wanted that, and she wanted either a McFlurry or an ice cream on top and he was not in for it. Then he was yelling at her saying he’s not going to do it,” Maré told 47 WTEV.

The woman told her male companion she was going to ‘blow it up’ before she grabbed a set of keys and ran to a 1994 Cadillac El Dorado parked outside. Within minutes the woman had doused the car in gasoline, lit a fire and ran off into the night.

Other diners tried to help the man put out the fire, but the car was engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived. It wasn’t too damaged to drive, however. Once the fire was out, both the car and driver disappeared.



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