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‘Charges and Specs’ (1.22) [Full Episode]

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake is fired from the NYPD after refusing to back down from investigating a well-loved civil servant for corruption. Charles reels from his sudden breakup with Vivian, exhibiting strange and dark behavior in front of the rest of his unit. Rosa and Terry attempt to cheer him up.

About Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brilliant and immature detective Jake Peralta, the star cop in his precinct, is caught off guard when a new captain assumes authority at Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Captain Holt, discriminated against virtually his entire career, is determined to make his precinct the best–but that means getting the arrogant Jake to shape up. As Jake and Holt constantly clash over following protocol, their relationship deepens. Jake’s colleagues, including the insecure detective Charles Boyle, the fierce detective Rosa Diaz, the determined detective Amy Santiago and the mushy-but-meek Sergeant Terry Jeffords, all work to tackle work problems and personal ones in tandem.

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