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8 Ways Jay Z & Beyonce Changed The Fashion Game

The unofficial (or official depending on who you ask) power couple of entertainment, and maybe even America, are a constant source of inspiration for us. And now that the two are celebrating their 6th anniversary today we’re taking a look at how they’ve impacted fashion!

Anything Jay Z and Beyonce wear makes its way across the internet, and is sure to be stalked and bought by fans. This is especially true in recent years, since the pair have really upgraded their styles. Jay Z stuck to his urban-inspired, streetwear roots. However, now we see him in more statement-making pieces from designer brands, as well as lesser known labels that produce pieces that really speak to the rap genius. Beyonce, never one to be left behind, almost did a complete 180. The singer traded in her blazé bodycons and uninspired outfits for looks that can be anything from urban, on-trend, flirty or high-fashion. Together, their styles have evolved into the signal for what’s happening in mainstream fashion today. Wondering how, exactly? We’ll tell you!

Check out 8 ways that Jay Z and Beyonce changed the fashion game, together.

On The Go

Jay Z and Beyonce’s street styles have evolved significantly. Jay Z wore more non-descript urban looks, while Beyonce stuck to safe separates and dresses. Today, Jay is still not flashy but definitely rocks plenty of memorable pieces guys covet. And Bey has noticeably adapted more ‘IDGAF’ styles of dressing, incorporating a lot more urban-inspired pieces and paying attention to trends. Today’s culture is also way more on the pulse of what’s hot.

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