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have you been reading/listening to anything? any films you can recommend? love the blog!

At this exact moment, I’m listening to Mazzy Star’s “Blue Light”, and I’m currently reading “The Exorcist”, by William Peter Blatty (I have a thing for horror books, in fact, my favourite writer is Stephen King).

I have no idea what genre you enjoy, but I’ll leave you with some films I enjoyed, and come to mind right away:

Mulholland Drive – Lynch

Harold and Maude – Hal Ashby

Gummo – Harmony Korine

No – Pablo Larraín

Les Quatre Cents Coups – Truffaut

Pierrot Le Fou – Godard

Todo Sobre Mi Madre – Almodóvar

Love Actually – Richard Curtis

The Loved Ones – Sean Byrne

Carnage – Roman Polanski

(I could go on forever, but again, I named the ones that came to mind, from very different genres)

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