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Kevin Hart Wants To Be Just Like Jay Z And Beyoncé

Photo: Peter Yang/GQ

Kevin Hart is one of the most visible comedians of right now, so GQ was clearly looking in the right direction when they chose him as one of their 15 Funniest Comedians in America. Some of his Instagram antics alone are worthy of making him a star, not to mention his hit films like “Think Like A Man,” “Laugh At My Pain,” “About Last Night,” “Ride Along,” and “Think Like A Man, Too”–which is slated for release over the summer.

Even though he may be slightly short on stature, this man is in the entertainment game for the long run–and it’s been a long time coming. Back in the early 2000s, Hart had a small role on the canceled-after-six-episodes Judd Apatow show, “Undeclared,” and a larger role in a ABC’s “The Big House,” a show that got canceled right before premiering at Upfronts.

A decade later, he’s on the top of his game. (Literally, just look at those shoes he’s wearing.) Part of his success comes courtesy of a strict mother who planned his life out to a T (she didn’t want him to run amuck like his older brother). “I got the stern end of the stick. It was kind of that iron fist. … I am who I am today because of my mother.”

After seeing “Eddie Murphy Delirious,” Hart knew he wanted to pursue comedy, but “didn’t know how to write a joke.” Instead he, ” just had thoughts: the pervert guy on the bus who wants to grind on people. Or: black people who get Chinese tattoos and don’t know what they say, walking around with salt/pepper/ketchup on their arms.”

His jokes got better and eventually Hart got a development deal worth $225,000, most of which he spent on “throwback jerseys and bomber jackets.” Now he’s more careful with his money, and the actor, who GQ describes as someone who “imagines himself as not just an actor or a comedian, but a mogul in the making, the CEO of his own company, the master of his own domain, a brand,” and wants to model his career after Jay Z and Beyoncé–baller status.

To read more about what makes Kevin Hart tick, and to find out what it means when he yells, “Maximize!” head over to GQ for the full story.

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