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Adult Swim Brings OutKast To New York City For One Of The Best Nights Ever

Whenever you start a night with the bartender telling you it’s “open bar,” your night just been made. Couple that with free food, tons of interesting people, your favorite animations from Adult Swim, a grown man dressed like a baby in a crib, free custom T-shirts and OutKast and you’ll start to wonder if you died and went to heaven. Adult Swim held their annual Upfront concert at Terminal 5 in New York City on West 56th St. between 11th and 12th avenues. If you’re unfamiliar with Adult Swim, it’s basically the older brother of Cartoon Network which starts at 8 p.m. every night.They feature grown-up cartoons and shows that blend humor and music together plus have very unique bump ads that sort of wittingly communicate with the viewer.

The decor of Terminal 5 is very bright and eye catching. The whole building is turned into a playground for adults. Even if you came by yourself—which some people did because they weren’t allowing plus ones (boo)—you’ll eventually meet someone in the colorful crowd which ranged from bearded anime lovers to suit-and-tie ad guys. Thank God the place had the air conditioning on -28 degrees because the place got filled up quick. Busta Rhymes, ?uestlove, Nick Cannon and Mike Tyson (yes) were just a few of the stars in attendance. Like previously stated, everything was free. Delicious small bites to curb your hunger and multiple bars full of liquor to make you forget why you were even attending the event in the first place. (Read: If you’re a Brooklyn Nets fan, open bar was a blessing after your received a SportsCenter alert saying that The Miami Heat went on a 13-3 run late in the fourth to send BK home.)

It’s always interesting to go to industry concerts because you just don’t have any idea if people came here for the show or the free booze. Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog got the event started by introducing the stars of the night. Out came Andre 3000 and Big Boi in all black a little after 10:45 p.m. Big Boi had on a black OutKast snap back while Andre had on his patented blond wig. Andre also had on this interesting jumpsuit that read “Distraction From Sadness,” which had a huge sales tag on it that said “Sold Out.”

They started the night with ”B.O.B.” and the crowd exploded. The energy was electric. Behind them was a full band, dressed in black, with one of the backup singers wearing black angel wings. Next was “Gasoline Dreams,” then “ATLiens,” “ Skew It On The Bar” and ”Rosa Parks.” They took a quick break to thank the crowd and Adult Swim plus proclaim that they are fans of the network and avid watchers. Andre says if he weren’t rapping he’d work for Adult Swim. They go right back in with “Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Part 1),” “Aquemini” and “Ms Jackson.” Then Andre tells Big Boi that he has to go to the back to “check on his dog,” basically transitioning to their solo sets. First was Big Boi who turned things up a notch with “Kryptonite.” Suddenly in the crowd, you see two familiar faces in the front going nuts. Those familiar faces were Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt in the middle of the mayhem. Big Boi brings out Sleepy Brown—who’s dress in this cold pimped out purple robe—to perform “I Like The Way (You Move).” Next 3K comes out to do his solo set and preforms “Prototype,” which captured the crowd in this crazy euphoric-like atmosphere. Andre then goes on a rant about who invented panties and why do women need them. A few women jump on stage and Andre performs “Hey Ya,” which the crowd sings word-for-word.

Finally Big Boi comes out and they end the show with some of their colossal hits such as “Player’s Ball,” ”Caroline,” “So Fresh, So Clean” and ”The Whole World.” They thank the crowd for always believing in them and hanging out with them. By the end of the show you’re left wondering if any duo will ever match OutKast and how the hell did Big Boi perform with his shades on for half the show. Nevertheless, Bravo Adult Swim, Bravo Tru TV for throwing the after-party and having the best car service ever and Bravo OutKast for a splendid show. God Bless America.

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