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Never Forget: High School History Teacher Poses With Hoodie And Skittles In Yearbook Photo

Mark Cuban isn’t the only one with Trayvon Martin still on his mind…

High School History Teacher Poses As Trayvon Martin For Yearbook Photo

Is it still necessary to call attention to the Trayvon Martin case or is it time to let that baby rest in peace?

Peep the video:

Via MailOnline:

A history teacher has courted controversy at a Californian high school after posing as Trayvon Martin in the annual yearbook.

Spencer Smith, a senior history teacher at Heritage High School in Brentwood, appears in the photo wearing a hoodie pulled down over his head and is prominently holding a bag of Skittles.

Smith hasn’t commented publicly about his reasons for making the provocative pose, but it prompted much debate at the school on Thursday after the yearbook was published.

Alfreda Charway, the high school’s Black Student Union President, said it was ‘a good idea because he’s expressing himself.’

Parents, however, thought it was ‘inappropriate.’

One mom, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘I think that’s very inappropriate for a yearbook. This is supposed to be capturing the best moments of the year. And all positive things.’

‘I think you could take it different ways, but I think a high school yearbook as a teacher is not the place to make your stance,’ said parent Michelle Alameda.

The school’s principal has said he will investigate the issue before releasing a statement.

Because we’ve all heard about Trayvon and George Zimmerman ad nauseam in the media, it’s easy to forget how recently the verdict came — it hasn’t even been a whole year since America was told it’s fine to kill our young men if you feel threatened by their clothing.

What do you think? Was this unnecessary and inappropriate, or a good way for this History teacher to commemorate & call attention to an important recent event?

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