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Extra-Round Rob Kardashian Calls Lamar Odom After Fleeing Florence To Skip KimYe Wedding

Is this a breach of loyalty?

Rob Kardashian Calls Lamar Odom, Clears Twitter After Skipping KimYe Wedding

The Pillsbury Kardashian doesn’t seem to be handling media attention or relating to his family members very well these days. After storming out of Europe just hours before the big KimYe nuptials, Brother Rob apparently reached out to Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband, Lamar Odom. He and Lamar always referred to one another as brothers…perhaps he feels that he’ll get more support from Khloe’s ex than from his own family? MailOnline reports:

As well as skipping his big sister’s wedding on Saturday, Rob Kardashian, 27, has now deleted all of his tweets on Twitter – some that included messages about Kim – and appears to be making a fresh start.

A source has also revealed to MailOnline that Rob has reached out to none other than Lamar Odom, 34, the estranged husband of his sister Khloe, 29.

‘Rob really misses Lamar, he was like a big brother to him,’ we’re told.

‘Lamar really helped Rob with his problems when it came to wanting to lose weight, and they’ve never lost touch.’

However, what may be more shocking to his selfie-loving siblings, is that he is scaling back on social media.

His official Twitter account now features just a handful of posts, and a new profile picture wearing a hoodie.

The reality star’s confidence has been knocked since he started piling on the pounds and he is said to have felt so ‘insecure and depressed’ that he shunned his older sister’s star-studded ceremony at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, just to avoid being in the family photos.

This report comes after the 27-year-old star – whose problems started following his bitter break-up with Rita Ora in 2013 – allegedly got into an argument with Kim over her lavish wedding extravaganza, which he branded ‘superficial bulls**t’.

Things kicked off between the siblings during a lunch at designer Valentino’s Château de Wideville in Crespières, France, and Rob headed for the airport shortly afterwards.

An insider told HollywoodLife.com: ‘Rob is not in a good place right now at all and his family should be very worried about him. He was embarrassed to go to the wedding in the first place because of his weight gain and to be ridiculed by Kim and basically rejected has put him over the edge.’

Poor Rob! What kind of cold-blooded things could Kim & crew have said to Rob to make him just decide to leave altogether?

We’re inclined to say “at least he has someone to reach out to”…but with all Lamar’s reported issues, who knows if that connection will be of much help to him? Hopefully he can work things out with his family (and his trainer, and his dietician) in the very near future.

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