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Sounds Like Cats Dying… Erica Mena’s Raw Vocals EXPOSED!!! [Audio]

Looks like Erica Mena messed with the wrong one…

Erica Mena’s Unedited Vocals Reveal She Is A Terrible Singer

In an email posted on WordOnDaStreet an anonymous source describes Erica’s recent fallout with producer Big Lucc, who produced both “Where Do We Go From Here?” (the song Erica recorded on LHHNY only to lose to Olivia) as well as her EDM track “Dancing All Over The World.”

Here’s the email:

Good Day,

You can find said receipts attached to this email. It’s no secret Erica Mena has been having financial problems while living Instagram large online. Recently, Erica tried to make a side deal with Charlucci “Bigg Lucc” Finney, an accredited celebrity manager and executive producer to the stars.

Rich Dollaz paid Charlucci to produce these records for release on his Dollaz Unlimited imprint. Which he did. Charlucci went the extra mile and hired Erica’s Dancers & her choreographer Kelly Peters, to ensure that she had a great show.

So, what happened? Well… We hear that Rich who brought Charlucci to the table, gave his blessing for Charlucci to continue to help Erica even though Rich was no longer involved. Everything was going well, new music, new start, then Erica presented Charlucci paperwork out of the blue, that clearly stated that Rich Dollaz has nothing to do with these records and never had the right to record them.

Well, Charlucci took a look at it and said, ” I can’t sign that E. That’s not accurate and it’s not right. You can’t expect meto be your puppet in this game you got going on with Rich.” Erica of course, gets immediately emotional and goes to Twitter.

As you can see in her tweets, she refers to Rich Dollaz of Dollaz Unlimited as “Corn Ball” and insinuates that he’s only using Bigg Lucc to produce his artists for free. The real of it is, this was all a cover up, to create a trail for taping the new season of Love and Hip Hop New York. Rich had already paid Bigg Lucc and his T-Stone Production Team $17,000 for her tracks. Including the smash EDM banger “Dancing All Over The World”. When Bigg Lucc declined her offer to LIE to her lawyer and Viacom that Rich had never made payment, the twitter war began.

If you are not familiar with Bigg Lucc, he is the former manager of Jodeci, discovered Missy Elliott, Timberland, Ginuwine, and that’s just for short. He is greatly respected in the music and television industry. He is also the man behind the notorious record “Where Do I Go From Here” that was taken from Erica and given to Olivia in Season 2.

To make matters worse, when Erica went page patrolling yesterday, she got her feelings hurt to know that Bigg Lucc is now working with her known rival Jhonni Blaze. His Twitter mentions of Jhonni sent Erica through the roof and reignited the beef. This may indeed be Erica’s last season w/ the Love and Hip Hop brand. Without Rich or Bigg Lucc, her hit maker, she has no story.

Erica can always come up with a story — even if it involves a fake gay relationship, BUT these vocals are downright sinful. She should have never gotten on this producers bad side.

This is what it sounds like after the edit:

Hit the flip for the unedited version

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