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Dolce & Gabbana Hate Thongs, Design With Seduction In Mind

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Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana know sexy. The Italian design duo built their brand through collections that brim with ornate sensuality–and brought to prominence the use of the corset as an acceptable evening look–so it’s no wonder that they have a particular opinion on what makes a women desirable to man.

In a recent interview with Style.com/Arabia, Dolce and Gabbana sat down to talk about their legacy and how the brand has evolved since the beginning, but what stuck out the most was one specific tidbit about what they would want in their “ultimate collection”–an imaginary summation of their legacy in a future Dolce & Gabbana museum, were there to ever be one.

Naturally, a lace corset was the first thing that Domenico listed–guipure lace, to be exact–followed by Stefano’s choices “the tube dress, the slim-fit skirtsuit in black…” and finally, the camisole and a lace dress. All items indicative of D&G’s sultry brand identity.

But one thing was not to be left out, said Domenico. “High-waisted briefs and a black bra. They were there from the first collection in 1984 and they never changed. To tell you the truth, when we do a fitting and I see models without a bra, naked with their tiny nude thongs—I hate thongs; they drive me crazy—we have to make them wear the bra, the briefs, and the camisole, and then we can start dressing them. We like dressing women to then undress them.”

“It is very seductive for a man,” added Stefano.

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