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Why, Baby Train Bride? Why?!

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a baby dragged down the aisle? By now, you’ve seen the image of the Tennessee bride who attached her newborn baby to her dress train and walked down the aisle. It played out all over social media, from Facebook to Instagram, like a bad meme. But it wasn’t a meme. According to various news sources, it was real. When I first saw the image, I thought it was a joke. A very bad joke, but still a joke. With all of the ridiculous ratchet things floating around these here internet streets, I doubt the truth of many of the posts that flood my timeline. My initial reaction was to ignore it.

By day two, I started to notice the comments from people who were outraged that this woman would do such a thing. Let me click on this craziness, I thought. That’s when I read the story. Shona Carter-Brooks was married in a church in Tennessee wearing a Vera Wang dress and her one-month-old daughter. Now, I’m not one for telling someone else how to raise her kids, but come on! Baby train bride, what would make you do something like this?

In a statement she posted to Facebook, trying to justify the ratchetness, she said her daughter was awake and well-secured. For one, I would also be awake if someone attached me to their clothing and dragged me behind them. I don’t know anyone who could sleep through that. And secondly, does well-secured mean? Tight? Look, I’m just asking.

Carter-Brooks went on to say “people questioning what we do, commenting all negative, and just doing the most.” Errr…let’s stop right there. Yes, I have some questions. What would have happened if you accidentally tripped and the baby got caught in the dress? Did it ever occur to you that dragging a baby, who can barely support her own head, could harm the baby with one wrong move? Oh yeah, last question, what were you smoking?

What is maybe a bit more disturbing than her decision to walk down the aisle, however, is that no one attending the wedding stopped this foolishness. I have got to believe that there were people who tried to talk her out of it, rather than just standing there and watching a one-month-old get pulled across the floor in front of them. “If anyone knows any reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.” That was their cue.

A newborn is so delicate. We wash our hands before we even go next to them. We cradle them with two arms to protect them from harm. We tell people standing over their head to move and walk around so the baby isn’t looking up. We are extra careful with babies because they are life’s most precious.

As a mother, I keep trying to understand how this could be a thought in this lady’s head. Let me guess, she didn’t want to leave the baby in the hot car with the windows rolled up. Sigh. I read the statement a couple times, and I’m going to ignore all the Jesus talk. Essentially, this woman is barking back at the “media” who she feels just has something negative to say. (Insert confused face here).

In the most recent news, the bride’s cousin is now saying that the baby was merely placed on the dress for a photo and then removed. Um, right. That’s why she initially needed to be “well-secured.” At this point, it doesn’t even matter. I’m sure child protective services will figure that one out.

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