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For Discussion: Is There Anything Wrong With This Mom’s Breastfeeding Graduation Photo???

What (if anything) is wrong with this picture????

Mom’s Breastfeeding Graduation Photo Goes Viral

A photo of 25-year-old Karlesha Thurman nursing her baby at her college graduation has gone viral and is getting both support and criticism on social media.

Thurman, who recently graduated from California State University Long Beach, is yet another advocate of the “#NormalizeBreastFeeding” movement and can’t understand why the photo of her feeding her daughter is so highly contested.

ABC News reports:

A photo of Karlesha Thurman breastfeeding her baby during her graduation from California State University Long Beach was supposed to be just a sweet shot captured by a fellow classmate of a beaming mother with her 4-month-old daughter.

That photo has since become the most recent battleground about the propriety of breastfeeding in public.

Thurman, 25, posted the photo Saturday night to the comments section of the Facebook group Black Women Do BreastFeed in support of a post from a mother who was outraged that she received dirty looks after breast feeding in public.

The Facebook group used Thurman’s photo as a separate post and that got a lot of attention. By Sunday morning, social media was hotly debating Thurman’s photo.

“I personally have gotten nothing but positive feedback, but the people on Twitter are being very harsh towards the photo,” she told ABC News.

“I do not care how natural breast feeding is, a college graduation is not the place…decorum, people,” tweeted @theSilentGiant.

“I never said not to be proud, but breast pumps exist for a reason! Middle of graduation is not the time to whip breast out,” read a post from @SarahKitty21

Thurman said she didn’t post the photo to get attention, and it’s since been deleted. But she said she doesn’t understand what the big deal is about the photo.

“Nobody there had a problem with it,” Thurman told ABC News about her breastfeeding during her May 22 graduation ceremony. “I was facing the other graduates. The crowd couldn’t see me.”

What do YOU think???? Is there anything wrong with this picture?

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