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Bad Gamble: Criminal Gets Shot Up After “Betting” Victim Doesn’t Have A Gun

Gotta know when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em…

Criminal Shot After Betting Victim Was Unarmed

An aspiring robber got shot up after betting his would-be victim that he didn’t have a gun to fight him off with. Some gambles just aren’t the best idea. Via KPTV:

A man with a gunshot wound was reported, Friday morning, at an apartment complex called the Pines on Watkins Drive; but he wasn’t shot there.

Jackson police say, shortly before that, a guest at a nearby Motel 6 had a run in with the man in the rear parking lot.

They say the guest was approached by a man asking for cigarettes.

The hotel guest said he didn’t have any cigarettes.

The man began to walk away, when , police say, he turned around and said “I bet you don’t have one of these”, pointing a gun in his direction.

The guest did have “one of these,” and began firing at the suspect. He reportedly hit the man at least once.

The shooting victim left and was later picked up by ambulance at the Pines apartments.

He was hospitalized, but is not being identified at this time.

WELP! Bet he’ll think twice about who he runs up on in the future.

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