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Welcome To The UKKK? English Comedian Says Black British Actors Are Forced To Work In Hollywood Because They Can’t Catch A Break Back Home

If OUR Black stars have it better here…how bad must it be across the pond?

British Comic/Activist Says Black Brits Have To Work In US Industry Due To Lack Of Opportunity In the UK

Though it’s still a bit patchy, American television and film have made major strides in recent years wit the inclusion of black and brown faces in entertainment. Apparently diversity is still a major issue in the UK, as the US is inheriting all of their film talent due to a lack of opportunity. Via MailOnline:

Black British actors are being forced to move to America because they are not given a chance in the UK, stand up comic Lenny Henry told MPs today.

The Comic Relief founder said Hollywood stars like Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Marianne Jean-Baptiste were being overlooked by the BBC and other TV bosses.

He pointed to the lack of ethnic minorities on TV – but praised EastEnders as the top show for showing black and Asian families.

The actor – joined by former BBC chief Patrick Younge and the corporations’s current Scottish news boss Marcus Ryder – unveiled a ‘Henry’ plan to get more black and ethnic minorities into the TV industry.

Under Mr Henry’s proposals, the BBC will have to hit targets for hiring top black and ethnic minority actors and producers.

The comedian told MPs on the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee that black actors like Idris Elba did not need greater training or other gimmicks – they ‘just need a break’. He added: ‘Initiatives don’t work, jobs do.’

He said: ‘We are hemorrhaging talent in this country. Not just BME (black and minority ethnic) people like Idris Elba and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. They could be working here benefiting us.’

Although we certainly wish it was under better circumstances… we still have to send a huge THANK YOU to the Brits for sending Idris Elba to our shores!

All jokes aside, It’s terrible to hear that Black actors have a rough go of it no matter which continent they’re on. His plan sounds solid…but seeing how far we still have to go ourselves (outside of reality TV, that is) do you think something similar could work in the USA?

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