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Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Step-Monster Starved Missing 12-Year-Old In Basement And Told Him “Don’t Ever Come Out”

Absolutely shameful…

Stepmother Of Missing Detroit Boy Left Him In Basement To Starve

Via NYDailyNews

The stepmother of a 12-year-old boy who was found hiding in a Detroit basement told him “not to come out, no matter what he hears,” according to court documents.

Charlie Bothuell had been missing for 11 days when he was found in the basement.

The court petition also stated that Charlie had scars on his chest and buttocks.

He said the scar was the result of his father “driving a PVC pipe into his chest.”

Although his stepmom, Monique Dillard-Bothuell, knew he was in the basement, she did not take him food, the court petition claimed.

“Charlie reports sneaking upstairs to get food when everyone left home,” the petition said, reported freep.com.

The court also heard that Charlie’s two younger siblings, aged four and 10 months, have been removed from the custody of parents Dillard-Bothuell and Charlie Bothuell IV and taken into care.

B-b-b-but wait, it gets worse!

When the house was searched by officers looking for the youngster they found a gun.

Dillard-Bothuell has pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon, which violated her probation.

She will spend the weekend in prison despite being ordered to be released from jail. She will be fitted with a tether on Monday then released.

Only thing this ain’t isht broad needs to be released from is the parental duties which she is clearly unable to handle.

Image via AP

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