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Caught Creepin’: UK Man Is Dumped By BOTH Of His Girlfriends With A Highway Billboard

He needed at least like twooooo bishes…and then they found out about each other.

UK Man Outed As Cheater By Both Girlfriends With Highway Banner

We’ve heard countless tales of men two (or three) timing women, and watched the angry-bird beef over who is the side, who is the main, who wins, who loses all unfold in tragic fashion. One UK love triangle faced the same predicament when the man’s two separate girlfriends discovered his cheating ways. But rather than fight for first place with a liar, they got together and put his dirty-dog business in the street…literally.

Via ChronicleLive:

Ladies have taken their revenge on an alleged love rat by publicly dumping him this morning with a banner over the A1.

The poster read: “Steve Frazer you’re dumped by both your girlfriends,” and was seen by thousands of people commuting into Newcastle and Gateshead this morning.

The two women apparently created the enormous poster and hung it from a bridge on the northbound carriageway between the Bowes Incline hotel and the Angel of the North, but it has since been removed.

It is understood the pair decided to take matters into their own hands after meeting, and commissioned the huge red-and-yellow sign with photographs of themselves and of Mr Frazer.

In one picture, the alleged two-timer is pictured in a black North Face jacket, while in the other photo to the right hand side of the message, the two women have posed for a selfie together.

The pair bear a striking resemblance to each other, with both having long dark straight hair.

Welp…all those secrets he kept got him exposed as publicly as possible.

But does this really make Steve Frazier look all that bad…or just point out that he was smooth enough to not only bag two chicks, but keep them secret from each other for a long period of time? We bet that as sure as these two are at the bar comparing old texts from Steve right now…several chicks who drove past that sign looking him up to find out what was so bomb about him that not one, but TWO chicks wanted to be with him…

Chronicle Live

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